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i-Tree Eco v6 (beta) - now available!

i-Tree Eco version 6 beta is now available for download as part of the i-Tree 2016 Suite. Existing i-Tree users who update their software application with the latest release will have access to the completely redesigned Eco v6 application offering many new options and capabilities. Eco version 5 is still available within the 2016 suite for users who are currently working on Eco projects. Eco v5 projects can later be updated to be compatible in Eco v6 with access to the new options.

i-Tree Eco v6 Highlights include:

  • A newly designed user interface features a modern look with ribbon command bar, on-screen help text, and easier project setup and data entry forms.
  • Updated and new reports provide users with improved resource analysis options for complete inventory and sample projects.
  • Eco diameter distribution report
  • Flexible sample and inventory project options allow users to run the application with a minimum of tree species and DBH.
  • A new integrated Forecast model uses the structural estimates along with growth rates, user-defined mortality rates and planting rates to estimate the future urban forest structure and some benefits.
  • Select from multiple years of weather and pollution data for projects in the U.S.
  • Expanded functionality for projects in the United Kingdom means that users in the U.K. can run projects without the need for custom processing and pollution data.
  • i-Tree Landscape (beta)

    canopy prioritization images

    i-Tree Landscape is a new online tool that allows you to explore geospatial data for an area of interest. It makes use of datasets, such as land cover and U.S. Census data, to provide local information, tree benefits, and planting prioritization based on user defined criteria.

    Learn more about how Landscape can help your community by visiting the Landscape info page or select the "Get Started" button to test Landscape.

    link to landscape homepage

    Valuing London's Urban Forest

    The results of London’s i-Tree Eco project are now available in a comprehensive report which details the significant benefits that trees provide one of the world’s great cities. The study highlights the essential role that green infrastructure plays in providing ecosystem services and making London a vibrant place to live, visit and work. Recognizing the many contributions of the urban forest beyond intrinsic beauty provides baseline information and the foundation to improve planning and management of trees as assets to ensure benefits are received by future generations.

    Here are a few of the ecosystem services and values provided by the approximate 8.4 million trees in London's urban forest:

      Click to see the London Report
    • 2.4 million tonnes of carbon stored valued at £146.9 million
    • 77,000 tonnes of carbon sequestered annually valued at £4.79 million per yr.
    • 2241 tonnes of pollution removed annually valued at £126.1 million per yr.
    • 3.5 million cubic meters of avoided storm water runoff valued at £2.8 million per yr.
    • £260,600.0 per year of energy savings attributed to trees in relation to buildings

    The London urban forest assessment was one of the largest scale i-Tree projects completed to date with over 700 plots surveyed throughout inner and outer London. The scope of the project required a collaborative effort by many trained volunteers, professional arborists and foresters. Project planning, management and training were provided by members from Forest Research, Treeconmics, the Forestry Commission, the London Tree Officers Association and other partners.

    See the London Report>>

    New i-Tree Feedback Form

    The i-Tree Feedback Form is a quick webform that can be used to provide feedback on specific applications, report bugs or share success stories about your projects.

    i-Tree Video Learning

    Explore the Video Learning Page which features videos, screencasts and archived webinars on i-Tree applications.

    Recent additions include the following:

  • Importing external inventory data into Eco v6
  • Visit the Video Learning Page>

    i-Tree version updates

    It is important for active users of i-Tree to periodically use the "Check for Updates" tool found under the Help menu of i-Tree applications installed on your computer. This will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version available. If you installed all i-Tree components, they will all be updated when performing this function. For specific details about changes in the latest version of i-Tree, check the change log which lists the changes that have been made to each application.

    Application Version
    i-Tree Suite 6.1.13
    i-Tree Eco v6 (beta) 6.0.1
    i-Tree Eco v5 (legacy) 5.2.2
    i-Tree Streets 5.1.5
    i-Tree Hydro 5.0.10
    i-Tree Vue (legacy) 5.0.3
    i-Tree Species 4.0.3
    i-Tree Storm 4.0.1
    View the complete Change Log

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    Updated August 12, 2016