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i-Tree 2017 Suite - now available!

The i-Tree 2017 suite is now available for download. Existing i-Tree users who update their software application with the latest release will have access to the completely redesigned Eco v6 application offering many new reports and options. Users who are currently working on an Eco v6 beta project using the mobile data collection system should make sure all field data being collected is submitted by collectors and loaded into the desktop prior to updating to i-Tree 2017. Due to a database update, Eco v6 beta projects will require updating when they are opened in the latest version of Eco v6.0.3. Eco version 5 is still available within the i-Tree 2017 suite for users who are currently working on older Eco projects. Those Eco v5 projects can later be updated to be compatible in Eco v6 with access to its new features & options.

Other i-Tree 2017 highlights include:

  • MyTree (beta) - a new i-Tree app for smartphones and tablets to calculate individual tree benefits
  • i-Tree Eco v6 - UV radiation reduction due to trees, expanded tree hydrology effects, and tree effects on wildlife habitat (9 bird species). Some new Eco v6 reports are limited to either plot-based projects or area based inventory projects.
  • i-Tree Species - Updated to run as an accessible web-based tool

i-Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please help us improve the i-Tree Tools, technical services and resources by taking a brief survey, which will help us learn more about the growing i-Tree user base, and which tools and services are most helpful.
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New Landscape (beta) High Resolution Data Available

i-Tree Landscape is expanding its high resolution data availability with Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) coverage for 37 additional locations, increasing the accuracy and scale of Landscape’s ability to assess tree benefits and other ecosystem services in US communities.
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Recent i-Tree Project Profiles

Tree Ecosystem Services, Ridge Park

An inventory and i-Tree Eco assessment of 683 trees was conducted at Ridge Park in the City of Unley, South Australia. Understanding the relationship between urban forest structure and functional values has helped the city to consider management needs and improve understanding of their forest resources. See the Ridge Park Project Profile>

Valuing London's Urban Forest

The results of London’s i-Tree Eco project are now available in a comprehensive report. The study highlights the essential role that green infrastructure plays in providing ecosystem services and making London a vibrant place to live, visit and work. See the London Project Profile>

i-Tree Video Learning

Explore the Video Learning Page which features videos, screencasts and archived webinars on i-Tree applications.

Recent additions include the following:

  • Importing external inventory data into Eco v6
  • Visit the Video Learning Page>

    i-Tree version updates

    It is important for active users of i-Tree to periodically use the "Check for Updates" tool found under the Help menu of i-Tree applications installed on your computer. This will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version available. If you installed all i-Tree components, they will all be updated when performing this function. For specific details about changes in the latest version of i-Tree, check the change log which lists the changes that have been made to each application.

    Application Version
    i-Tree Suite 6.1.19
    i-Tree Eco v6 6.0.7
    i-Tree Eco v5 (legacy) 5.2.2
    i-Tree Streets 5.1.5
    i-Tree Hydro 5.1.1
    i-Tree Vue (legacy) 5.0.3
    i-Tree Storm 4.0.1
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    Updated September 12, 2017