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The current version of the i-Tree Tools expands the capabilities of two of the most widely used applications: i-Tree Design and i-Tree Canopy. In addition, i-Tree Hydro has also been redesigned with many new features. Below are a few i-Tree application highlights. Stay tuned for details on i-Tree 2015 as development work continues.

i-Tree Design

i-Tree Design has several options which increase the usefulness of the tool for schools, homeowners, consultants, landscape architects, tree advocates and others. Updates and enhancements have been incorporated so that Design now:

  • forecasts cumulative benefits and values of individual or groups of trees over a specified time period.
  • estimates the benefit and value each tree has provided since planting.
  • generates an exportable summary report which can be saved and shared with others.
  • considers the effects of the amount of sunlight received by a tree and the relative position of other nearby trees.
  • estimates tree-related energy effects for multiple defined structures.
  • displays dynamic visualization of simulated tree canopy growth over time.
  • incorporates updated benefit estimates for air quality improvement and carbon dioxide reduction savings based on the latest science.

i-Tree Canopy

i-Tree Canopy has become one of the most popular i-Tree Tools, used in many countries around the world for producing quick, statistically valid, estimates of canopy cover. In addition to cover type estimates, i-Tree Canopy will now estimate the following ecosystem services and their monetary values:

  • Annual pollution removal
  • Annual carbon sequestration
  • Total carbon storage

i-Tree Canopy ecosystem services estimates and values are based on local benefit values within the United Sates along with the estimated tree canopy cover area for an area of interest. International Canopy users are limited to selecting a comparable U.S. location and selecting their local currency.

i-Tree Hydro

Hydro offers several new features which extend the use of Hydro beyond the watershed to the city scale. Here are some new Hydro highlights:

  • Users can now select a U.S. city and simulate water flow and water quality changes qualitatively by modeling tree and impervious cover changes.
  • Topographic indexes for U.S. cities, counties, states, and watersheds are now available, which eliminates the need for GIS skills to produce and import a digital elevation model.
  • A new Hydro executive summary report provides a quick snapshot of model simulation results.
  • Enhanced graphics flexibilities and a DEM visualization option support model simulation results.
  • Hourly United States weather data is now available for 2005 - 2012.
  • A user-friendly dynamic help panel explains terminology and guides users through the entire modeling process.

i-Tree Video Learning

Explore the Video Learning Page which features videos, screencasts and archived webinars on i-Tree applications.

Recent additions include an introductory video set offering an overview and implementation ideas for accessible i-Tree tools like Design, Canopy and Streets.

Visit the Video Learning Page>

i-Tree 2014 version updates

It is important for active users of i-Tree to periodically use the "Check for Updates" tool found under the Help menu of i-Tree applications installed on your computer. This will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version available. If you installed all i-Tree components, they will all be updated when performing this function. For additional information about all of the changes in the latest version of i-Tree check the change log which lists the changes that have been made to each application and is available on the i-Tree website.

Application Version
i-Tree Suite 6.0.8
i-Tree Eco 5.1.7
i-Tree Streets 5.1.5
i-Tree Hydro 5.0.7
i-Tree Vue 5.0.3
i-Tree Species 4.0.1
i-Tree Storm 4.0.0
View the complete Change Log

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Updated October 2014