i-Tree Project Profiles

Ridge Park image

Tree Ecosystem Services Assessment, Ridge Park

An inventory and i-Tree Eco assessment of 683 trees was conducted at Ridge Park in the City of Unley, South Australia. Understanding the relationship between urban forest structure and functional values has helped the city to consider community trees as assets - leading to improved management decisions and new oppurtunities.
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London report image

Valuing London's Urban Forest

The results of London’s i-Tree Eco project are now available in a comprehensive report which details the benefits that trees provide one of the world’s great cities. The study highlights the essential role that green infrastructure plays in providing ecosystem services and making London a vibrant place to live, visit and work.
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PHS Design report image

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's (PHS) i-Tree Design Project

PHS created an i-Tree Design project to estimate the energy savings that would be realized by planting 180 trees around 99 buildings on a Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) property. The Design project provided evidence to support the planting based on the long-term savings that PHA would realize by investing in the planting and maintenance of trees.
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WDNR report image

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Regional Analysis Project

The WDNR's Northeast Regional Urban Forestry Coordinators completed a regional analysis of street trees and canopy cover for (19) communities in the Northeast Area of Wisconsin. The comprehensive study quantified the annual ecosystem services of public trees using i-Tree Streets and i-Tree Canopy assessed current canopy cover and potential canopy cover for monitoring and goal setting.
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