i-Tree Reports

State of the Denton, TX Urban Forest

The Urban Forest of Philadelphia, PA

Tree Canopy Cover in the City of Burnside - Benchmark Assessment

The green 'signature' of Irish cities: An examination of the ecosystem services provided by trees using i-Tree Canopy software

Designing effective stormwater management policies: the role of the urban forest and impervious cover in Vancouver, B.C.

Tree Canopy Change Assessment 2005 - 2015, Crystal River, Florida

Ecosystem Services Provided by Mountshannon Village Trees

A Method for Examining the Ecosystem Services of Roadside Trees

  • An article outlining several methods to assess roadside tree ecosystem services.
  • This video produced by Ross Kahn outlines a field study, using i-Tree, on the amount of ecosystem services provided by roadside trees along a series of streetscapes in Springfield, MA. Additionally, the segment outlines protocols for implementation of data collection field studies, which can be used to calculate additional ecosystem benefits of street side trees

Modeling Hydrological Ecosystem Services of Juvenile Trees in Worcester, MA

The Environmental Benefits of Trees on an Urban University Campus

The City of Atlantic Beach Florida's i-Tree Canopy Assessment Report

Ridge Park report icon

Tree Ecosystem Services Assessment, Ridge Park, City of Unley, South Australia

i-Tree Hydro assessment report for Amberwood Neighborhood in Dekalb County, GA

Austin's Urban Forest 2014

Valuation of ecosystem services provided by urban trees in the City of Strasbourg

Valuing London's Urban Forest

Modeling Urban Forest Scenarios and Hydrology in Grand Rapids, MI

Valuing the Natural Capital of Area 1 - A Pilot Study

Project Desert Canopy: Air Quality in Southwest Forests

Plano, Texas: Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis

Springfield, MA i-Tree Canopy Assessments

Where are all the Trees? An analysis of tree canopy cover in urban Australia

Contribution of Ecosystem Services to Air Quality and Climate Change Mitigation Policies: The Case of Urban Forest in Barcelona, Spain

Providence, RI - i-Tree Eco Assessment Report 2014

Urban Trees and Forests of the Chicago Region

Estimating the Ecosystem Services Value of Edinburgh's Trees

Mesquite Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis

An Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) model study of the integrated effects of vegetation on local air pollution in the western suburbs of Perth, WA, MODSIM 2011 - 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation - Sustaining Our Future: Understanding and Living with Uncertainty

Virginia Street Tree Assessment Project: An application of i-Tree Streets

Seattle's Forest Ecosystem Values: Analysis of the Structure, Function and Economic Benefits

Green Benefits in Victoria U.K. Business Improvement District (VBID) an analysis of the trees and other green assets in the VBID

Wisconsin DNR Green Bay Metro Region i-Tree Streets & i-Tree Canopy analysis project

Ecosystem services as an economic strategy? i-Tree: An instrument for determining the value of urban trees - Thesis project by Geraldine Walchli

Urban Forest of Tennessee a US Forest Service Report

Peel Region (Southern Ontario) Urban Forest Strategy

Torbay's Urban Forest: Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values. A report on the findings from the U.K. i-Tree Eco pilot project

Every Tree Counts. A Portrait of Toronto's Urban Forest

Assessment of Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Trees: Public Lands within the Urban Growth Boundary of Corvallis, Oregon

Street Tree Assessment and Stewardship Report for Radford, VA

Indiana Statewide Street Tree Analysis Summary

Arlington, TX

Chicago, IL

Washington, DC

Edmonton's Urban Forest- Taking Root Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Barcelona, Spain

Milwaukee, WI

Pittsburgh, PA

Kelowona's Urban Forest - British Columbia, Canada

Urban Forests of Wisconsin

Oakville, Ontario

Casper, WY

Houston, TX

Minneapolis, MN Pilot