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Benefits of Aberdeen's street trees demonstrated by student's survey
Article appearing in The Baltimore Sun, Oct 24, 2016

The importance of urban forests: why money really does grow on trees
Article appearing in The Guardian, Oct 12, 2016

Cities turn a new leaf to count the ROI of trees
Article appearing in Green Biz, Oct 10, 2016

Every wonder how much a tree is really worth?
Article appearing in Total Landscape Care, Oct 4, 2016

How much is a tree worth?
Article appearing in the Daily Herald, Sept 15, 2016

California's urban trees offer $1 billion in benefits
UPI article by Brook Hays, June 14, 2016

This is How Much an Urban Forest is Worth
Article appearing in Conservation This Week, Mar 15, 2016

Austin's urban forest
Article appearing in Science Codex, Mar 09, 2016

Growing a Daily Dose of Nature for Everyone
USDA Blog post by Jasmine Napier and Alice Ewen, Mar 04, 2016

Tree strategy backed in Wrexham
Horticulture Week article by Gavin McEwan, Mar 04, 2016

Urban Forests, i-Tree, and Promoting Conservation Benefits
US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell discusses urban forest benefits, Feb 22, 2016. USDA audio brief

London i-Tree Results Highlight Value of Urban Trees
An Institute of Chartered Foresters online article, Jan 05, 2016

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