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Introducing i-Tree Database

i-Tree Database is an online system designed for users to submit properly formatted pollution and weather data, location information, new species information, and other requirements needed for the i-Tree Eco model to process in a new, previously unsupported study area. The submitted information will be vetted by the US Forest Service and integrated into the Eco model as a new international location that would be available for automated processing in future updates of Eco.


Since the release of Eco v6, we have received numerous international projects requiring custom processing by the US Forest Service and the estimated time for that processing grew to approximately 6 months. In response to increasing demand, we are developing this new online database system to better serve international users and to reduce the time and resources that are needed to process international projects.


i-Tree Database is now available: access i-Tree Database here

The i-Tree Database system is functional and has already resulted in the successful addition of new locations for i-Tree Eco users. As we continue improving this new system, we will be refining the online tool and its documentation. We appreciate your patience, cooperation, and feedback during this transition of the international processing system. Please check back on this site for further updates about this system as we progress with development, testing and implementation of i-Tree Database.

A list of what cities have been integrated into i-Tree Eco from i-Tree Database is available here:

Since Europe has been integrated into i-Tree Eco as a whole as of i-Tree Suite v6.1.24, some European cities previously included on the i-Tree Database New City List may be missing now. The following is a list of European i-Tree coverage for i-Tree Suite v6.1.24:
European Coverage - November 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

To find answers to common questions about i-Tree Database, please visit the i-Tree Support Forums » Official i-Tree FAQs » Database.