The Urban Wood Marketplace

A new tool under development - check back for updates!

The goal for the Marketplace is to connect urban wood harvests to end users of removed trees for upcycling and waste reduction. Information about logs are captured in the field, uploaded to the cloud, and displayed to potential end users. End users can peruse these logs and contact their owners to arrange for their disposition. The Marketplace is designed to be a simple application accessed via most modern web browsers.

How the Marketplace is organized:

How the log information is organized and collected:

Jobs > Trees > Logs

An organization joins the Marketplace with a designated Marketplace Data Manager who can:

  • add Jobs, Trees, and Logs;
  • invite Data Collectors to assist with adding Jobs, Trees, and Logs.

The assumption is that one or more Logs come from one or more Trees at each Job site.

Example: a work crew from Anytown is removing a white oak and a red maple at Mrs. Smith’s home. Three logs are derived from the oak and one from the maple.

  • One or more crew members from Anytown have been added as a Data Collector by the Data Manager for the Anytown (organization). One of these Data Collectors uses a smartphone to log the Job, enter the white oak and the 2 viable Logs from it, and also enter the red maple for the same Job, with the single Log from it.
  • When ready, the Data Manager from Anytown displays these logs in the Marketplace for End Users to see.

Accessing the Marketplace:

  • End Users: computer, tablet, or phone
  • Data Managers: computer or tablet (ideally), phone as needed
  • Data Collectors: phone or tablet (ideally), laptop as needed