i-Tree Tools Download

Thank you for you interest in i-Tree! Use one of the links below to download the latest installer for the i-Tree suite of tools.

Select the appropriate link below to access the download form and receive your download link by email . Note to previous i-Tree users: i-Tree accounts are no longer needed for this process!

  • i-Tree_2019 6.1.28.exe (use this to install directly on a Windows-based PC)
  • iTree_v6.1.28.iso (use this if you need to create a CD or DVD that can be used to install i-Tree onto Windows-based PCs )

i-Tree is supported through a cooperative agreement among the U.S. Forest Service and other organizations. By filling out the download form you will help us assess interest in the i-Tree Tools and inform future funding allocations. Once you complete the form you will receive a download link by email from itreetools.org. Please make sure your spam filters allow email from this address and please check your junk mail folder if the email is late in arriving.

i-Tree desktop applications run on Personal Computers (PCs) that utilize Windows 7 and higher.

i-Tree web-based applications run on modern web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

The i-Tree desktop installation is NOT compatible nor supported for use with the Apple Mac operating system.

See the System Requirements page to make sure i-Tree is compatible with your computer and for alternative Mac options.