United Kingdom Integration: was spearheaded by partners at Treeconomics and Forest Research, the research agency of the Forestry Commission.

Australia Integration: ENSPEC coordinated efforts with the i-Tree Eco Development Team to collect species, location, environmental and economic data with additional support and funding form the Melbourne Urban Forests Accord Group and Arboriculture Australia.

Canada Integration: Andy Kenney (University of Toronto) helped facilitate data acquisition for development of the Canadian Eco localization.

European Integration: Naomi Zurcher (Arbor Aegis), Johan Östberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Tim Aevermann (Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing).

Mexico integration: USFS International Programs and Stephanie Fabiola López López.

Colombia integration: Camille McCarthy (US Forest Service), María del Pilar Arroyave Maya (Universidad EIA) and funding from the U.S. Forest Service International Programs.

Korea integration: Chan Ryul Park and Dooahn Kwak (National Institute of Forest Science) and funding from the National Institute of Forest Science. In software text translations by Minji Kim.

Japan integration: Tadashi Touchi (Teijyuen Co., Ltd. and Urban Tree Diagnosis Association, Japan) and funding from the Urban Tree Diagnosis Association, Japan.

New Zealand integration: Howell Davies (Auckland City Council), William Melville (Wellington City Council), Toby Chapman (Christchurch City Council), and Justin Morgenroth (University of Canterbury).