i-Tree would not exist without these fine contributors:

International Credits

The United Kingdom expansion is brand new as of 2016. This first expansion to Europe was spearheaded by partners at Treeconomics and Forest Research, the research agency of the Forestry Commission.

The Australia and Canada features have been fully integrated since 2012 leading to dozens of projects in those countries. In Australia, ENSPEC coordinated efforts with the i-Tree Eco Development Team to collect species, location, environmental and economic data with additional support and funding form the Melbourne Urban Forests Accord Group and Arboriculture Australia. Andy Kenney (University of Toronto) helped facilitate data acquisition for development of the Canadian Eco localization.

European version: Naomi Zurcher (Arbor Aegis), Johan Östberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Tim Aevermann (Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport

and Housing)

Mexico version:

Colombia version: Camille McCarthy (US Forest Service), María del Pilar Arroyave Maya (Universidad EIA) and funding from the U.S. Forest Service International Programs

Korea version: Chan Ryul Park and Dooahn Kwak (National Institute of Forest Science) and funding from the National Institute of Forest Science