While most i-Tree tools are available through your web browser, i-Tree Eco - our flagship science tool - is a Windows app that must be downloaded and installed: i-Tree_2024_6.1.51

  1. From your Windows computer, begin the download by clicking here:
  2. Please fill out our basic demographic information form; we do not share your information.
  3. You will receive a download link via email that will launch a Windows Installer for i-Tree Eco and shortcuts to our web-based tools.

Don't want to download and install?

Troubleshooting the download process:

  • We collect basic demographic information about our users to assess interest in i-Tree to keep it funded. Your help is crucial!
  • Please make sure your spam filters allow email from
  • Please check your junk mail folder if the email is late in arriving.
  • If you have trouble saving the download AFTER clicking on the emailed link, temporarily disable Controlled Folders Access in Windows.
  • Note to previous i-Tree users: i-Tree accounts are no longer needed.

Help with installation:

Thank you for your interest in i-Tree! We update our science and software throughout the year, so please check back often.