Sept. 21, 2021

Thank you for your interest in i-Tree! Use one of the links below to download the latest installer for the i-Tree suite of tools.

Select the appropriate link below to access the download form and receive your download link by email . Note to previous i-Tree users: i-Tree accounts are no longer needed for this process! The file you are downloading will automatically launch a Windows Installer for the i-Tree Desktop tools. The web-based i-Tree tools (i-Tree Canopy, etc.) do not need to be downloaded and installed.

  • i-Tree_2021_6.1.38.exe (use this to install directly on a Windows-based PC)
    • If you have trouble actually saving the download after clicking on the link emailed to you, you may need to temporarily disable Controlled Folders Access in Windows.
  • i-Tree_2021_6.1.38.iso (use this if you need to create a CD or DVD that can be used to install i-Tree onto Windows-based PCs )

i-Tree is supported through a cooperative agreement among the U.S. Forest Service and other organizations. By filling out the download form you will help us assess interest in the i-Tree Tools and inform future funding allocations. Once you complete the form you will receive a download link by email from Please make sure your spam filters allow email from this address and please check your junk mail folder if the email is late in arriving.

i-Tree desktop applications run on Personal Computers (PCs) that utilize Windows 7 and higher.

i-Tree web-based applications run on modern web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

The i-Tree desktop installation is NOT compatible nor supported for use with the Apple Mac operating system.

See the System Requirements page to make sure i-Tree is compatible with your computer and for alternative Mac options.

See the Networks and IT Information Installation page for users installing i-Tree Eco v6 on managed computer networks.