i-Tree delivers current, peer-reviewed tree benefits estimation science from the USDA Forest Service to all types of users with free tools and support.


The trees around you:

remove hazardous pollutants from the air you breathe,

absorb carbon dioxide from the air to store as wood,

and control storm water by intercepting and absorbing rainfall.

Trees provide more than just beauty and shade.

They work hard for all of us, every day!

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Tools for Assessing Individual Trees


Are you new to i-Tree? Start with our EASIEST tool! MyTree helps you quickly assess individual trees with a minimum of fuss.

web browser or Android / Apple devices; Learn How to use it!

i-Tree Design

A full-featured web tool with expanded building interactions and forecasting for estimating the benefits of individual trees.
via your web browser; Learn How to use it!

i-Tree Eco

Eco is our flagship tool that accommodates tree inventory IMPORT or field data evaluation to derive individual tree benefit estimates.
requires installation on a Windows PC; Learn How to use it!

Tree Canopy Assessment Tools


Quick tree canopy and related information for your community within the continental US!

web browser or Android / Apple devices

i-Tree Landscape

US tree canopy and Census maps/data at your fingertips! Identify priority planting & protection areas for climate & social issues.
via your web browser; Learn How to use it!

i-Tree Canopy

From your chair, easily estimate land cover and tree canopy plus benefits using random point sampling on aerial imagery.
via your web browser; Learn How to use it!

Tree Planting Tools

i-Tree Planting

Make a case to invest in tree planting by estimating the value those trees will provide in coming years.
via your web browser; Learn How to use it!

i-Tree Species

Find species for your location based on their ecosystem services.
via your web browser; Learn How to use it!

i-Tree is for everyone.

These are free tools and free support for students of all levels, homeowners, community advocates, sustainability officers, urban foresters, and more!

The global mission of i-Tree is to:

Quantify the benefits and value of trees. | Advocate for better tree and forest management. | Show potential risks to tree and forest health.| Assist with environmental justice efforts. | Provide standardized metrics for carbon offset plans.

i-Tree is the worldwide standard when it comes to discussing the benefits that trees provide.

i-Tree can be used with Individual Trees, on areas of Tree Canopy, and with Tree Planting projects in many regions around the planet.

i-Tree needs YOUR help.

Please credit i-Tree in your projects to help spread the word. Feel free to use these logos. i-Tree is trademarked.

i-Tree relies on private & public funding to run and to develop new science and tools. Please contact us if you can help!

Did you know?

i-Tree is an innovative, not-for-profit, Public/Private Partnership that combines government, business, and professional organizations. i-Tree is primarily funded through a 1:1 cost match between the USFS and The Davey Tree Expert Company. Tree data are retained by the USFS for future research purposes ONLY.