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i-Tree has developed tools to help a wide variety of users for over 20 years. Below are links to the complete set. Remember: i-Tree helps people understand the benefits that trees provide.

Supplemental tools

Help us add new tree species to our i-Tree database and locations to i-Tree Eco:

i-Tree also offers utilities, research tools and collaborative efforts:

Core tools for assessing individual trees

  1. MyTree - Are you new to i-Tree? Start with our EASIEST tool! MyTree helps you quickly understand the benefits of individual trees with a minimum of fuss. (through your web browser)
  2. i-Tree Design - A full-featured web tool with expanded building interactions and forecasting for estimating the benefits of individual trees. (through your web browser)
  3. i-Tree Eco - This is our flagship tool that can be used to evaluate an existing tree inventory OR new field data collection to derive individual tree benefit estimates. (requires installation on a Windows computer)

Core tree canopy area assessment tools

  1. OurTrees - A great way to get fast facts about the trees in your community as well as US Census information. If you are new to i-Tree and looking to spread the word about the benefits of tree cover, start here!
  2. i-Tree Landscape - US tree canopy and Census information at your fingertips! Identify priority planting & protection areas for climate and social justice. Many community forest-related map layers and data tables all in one place. (through your web browser)
  3. i-Tree Canopy - From the chair in your office, easily estimate land cover and tree canopy plus benefits using random point sampling on aerial imagery. Use historical imagery in Google Earth to compare two i-Tree Canopy projects, past and present to monitor tree canopy change in your community. (through your web browser)

Core tools for tree planting

Specific tools to help with your tree planting projects:

  • i-Tree Planting - mass planting benefits estimation forecasting (through your web browser)
  • i-Tree Species - right tree, right place! (through your web browser)
  • MyTreeMap - This was a demonstration for a collective mapping site for MyTree, ideally to help you track your community planting efforts. If funding can be secured, we will improve it and bring it back.

End user's license agreement

End user's license agr… End Users License Agreement (EULA) is presented and accepted by users prior working with i-Tree tools.