Dec. 8, 2021

i-Tree offers several desktop and web-based applications. Based on years of US Forest Service research and development, these innovative applications provide managers and advocates with tools to quantify ecosystem services and benefit values of community trees and forests at multiple scales. The ability to articulate the significance of trees and forests in terms of pollution mitigation, storm water run-off reduction, carbon sequestration and storage and more has allowed i-Tree users to improve tree and forest management, plan strategically, increase awareness, engage decision makers and build new partnerships. For more information on these topics, check out these links:

DOWNLOAD and INSTALLATION of i-Tree desktop tools for PC:

Core Tools

These are the flagship tools for i-Tree, listed by ease-of-use.

Powered by i-Tree

We are lucky to have many partners using i-Tree in their own projects.


These smaller tools supplement i-Tree.


Research tools available for advanced, technical users. Results from these tools are built into Core Tools to make this research more accessible to broad audiences. Technical support is not available for Research Suite tools.


Older i-Tree tools that have been supplanted by newer, updated tools. (We are unable to provide technical support for Legacy tools.)

i-Tree End User License Agreement

The i-Tree End Users License Agreement is presented and accepted by users prior to installing or working with the i-Tree desktop software or online tools.