Support i-Tree!

June 23, 2020

i-Tree is a cooperative venture and does not exist without YOUR support!

i-Tree is funded primarily by the USDA Forest Service and matching funds from the Davey Tree Expert Company in a public-private partnership. We've grown immensely since our public release in 2006!

There are other ways you can help keep i-Tree up to date and running smoothly:

  • Merchandise! Great gifts for your tree peeps
  • Donate via the Society for Municipal Arborists (SMA) - Please indicate “i-Tree” in the box labeled: In support of an SMA Program on that page.
  • Become a primary sponsor and we'll acknowledge your support along with the cooperators. Contact us for details.

Funds are used to maintain i-Tree servers which host tools such as i-Tree Canopy, MyTree, Design, Planting, and Landscape.

We also offer consulting services on various i-Tree projects.

Have an idea and financial support for your own i-Tree powered tool? Contact us.

Learn more About i-Tree.