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i-Tree 2018 Suite - now available!

The i-Tree 2018 suite is now available for download and use online. Existing i-Tree users who update their desktop application to the latest release will have access to the completely redesigned Hydro v6 (beta) application offering new reports and options. Users who are currently working on an Eco v6 project using the mobile data collection system should make sure all field data being collected is submitted by collectors and loaded into the desktop prior to updating to i-Tree 2018.

i-Tree 2018 highlights include:

  • Planting (beta) - a new i-Tree app to calculate the benefits of tree planting projects.
  • Eco v6 - expanded to work in new locations based on i-Tree Database submissions.
  • Database - an i-Tree app designed to allow international users to submit location, pollution, weather and species information in order to run i-Tree Eco in a new, previously unsupported study areas.
  • Hydro v6 (beta) - improved user interface, ability to store and name up to 4 land cover scenarios, option to run each land cover scenario with a unique hydrological parameter set, customizable water quality coefficients, enhanced and sped up autocalibration, advanced outputs highlighting parts of the water cycle, and a legacy importer tool to update Hydro v5 projects to work in v6.
  • Glossary - an online glossary of terms used in i-Tree and related fields of arboriculture, forestry, and stormwater hydrology.
  • iTreeTools.org Home Page - re-designed with summary of what each i-Tree Tool can be used for.

New Landscape (beta) High Resolution Data Available

i-Tree Landscape is continuing to grow. In the latest release we have added a number of new maps and data layers including: EPA Nonattainment Areas, FIA Forest Types, Future Ozone Effects, Wildland Urban Interface, Pest maps, Hardiness Zones, Forest Service Basal Area data by species and BenMap Health Incidences.

In addition, we continue to expand our high resolution data availability with Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) coverage, increasing the accuracy and scale of Landscape’s ability to assess tree benefits and other ecosystem services in US communities.

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View a June2017 webinar on i-Tree Landscape >>

i-Tree Integrated in EPA’s EnviroAtlas

EnviroAtlas is a free, online mapping and decision tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partners. It provides interactive resources for exploring the benefits people receive from nature, or "ecosystem goods and services" (EGS). EGS are critically important to human health and well-being, but they are often overlooked. EnviroAtlas users can access, view, and analyze diverse information to better understand the potential impacts of decisions on EGS in order to capture their benefits and avoid unintended consequences for human welfare.

As a partner in the EnviroAtlas community component, the USDA Forest Service (USFS) contributes dozens of data layers based on i-Tree tools.

Learn more about i-Tree in EnviroAtlas >>

i-Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

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i-Tree Video Learning

Explore the Video Learning Page which features videos, screencasts and archived webinars on i-Tree applications. New videos are added to highlight new features as they become available!

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i-Tree version updates

It is important for active users of i-Tree to periodically use the "Check for Updates" tool found under the Help menu of i-Tree applications installed on your computer. This will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version available. If you installed all i-Tree components, they will all be updated when performing this function. For specific details about changes in the latest version of i-Tree, check the change log which lists the changes that have been made to each application.

Application Version
i-Tree Suite 6.1.26
i-Tree Eco v6 6.0.14
i-Tree Eco v5 (legacy) 5.2.2
i-Tree Streets 5.1.7
i-Tree Hydro v6 6.1.3 beta
i-Tree Hydro v5 5.1.1
i-Tree Vue (legacy) 5.0.3
i-Tree Storm 4.0.1
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