i-Tree Teaching


i-Tree Tools can serve to educate diverse audiences about the environmental benefits of trees. Currently, there are two initiatives integrating i-Tree Tools into different levels of formal education:

On this page you can find a summary of both initiatives, and learn where to go for more information.

i-Tree Academic

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The goal of the i-Tree Academic Project is to integrate the i-Tree software suite into university and technical school curriculum. The i-Tree Development Team feels that it is of the utmost importance to familiarize the next generation of Urban Foresters, Arborist, Urban Planners, Consultants, and Natural Resource Managers to the i-Tree software to better prepare them for their professional endeavors. With your help, we would like to bring i-Tree to our future community foresters.

Therefore, we are opening a line of communication between members of the academic community to facilitate the exchange of curriculum materials, thoughts, and ideas in regards to familiarizing students with i-Tree.

It is only through the participation of the academic community though that this project will be successful. We strongly encourage you to download, use, and even modify the materials on this website to best suit your method of instruction. Furthermore, we request that if you develop your own materials or methods that you feel are useful then to please share your ideas with your colleagues by submitting material or posting your ideas on our Discussion Board. A small effort by many goes a long way!

Submit Material

If you would like to submit curriculum material to be posted on this site, please email Dave Bloniarz, the i-Tree Academic Project Coordinator.

You may also post ideas, questions, and comments on our Discussion Forum.

Academic Discussion Forum

A private i-Tree Academic forum group has been created to facilitate communication between Academic team members. You must first register for forum access at the i-Tree forums website. Once registered, email Dave Bloniarz, the i-Tree Academic Forum Administrator, and request inclusion in the i-Tree Academic Forum Group


i-Tree Academic Project Coordinator
Dave Bloniarz
US Forest Service
i-Tree Academic Project Coordinator
e: dbloniarz@fs.fed.us
p: 413-545-3755

i-Tree Lessons

iTreeLessons.com Pilot Project Kicks Off

Most school teachers know that their students need to understand the important functions trees play in an urban environment. Now they can use i-Tree tools to teach those functions and fulfill required Science Standards at the same time. i-TreeLessons.com incorporates i-Tree Canopy and i-Tree Design into middle school science classroom lessons. Although there are a number of resources that use i-Tree as an educational tool for schoolchildren, these new lessons are intended for in-classroom instruction that fulfills required teaching standards.

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A joint collaboration between the Davey Tree Expert Company and Casey Trees, the new program is being piloted in Washington, D.C. schools during the 2015 - 2016 school year. Middle school science teachers were trained in September and will receive technical support throughout the year in order to ensure successful completion of the i-Tree integrated curriculum before June 2016.

The sequential lesson plans first have students use i-Tree Canopy to assess a baseline canopy cover percentage in their neighborhood. After a bit of research on trees’ hardiness zones, they then create a planting plan. Using i-Tree Design, students calculate how much more carbon would be sequestered in their neighborhood if those trees were planted. After administering the entire unit, teachers will evaluate the overall experience in order to improve lessons for the next school year.

The goals of this innovative pilot project are to introduce i-Tree to a new audience - teachers and students in D.C. schools - and enable them to become familiar with the programs while learning about the monetary value of the ecosystem services that trees provide. Although teachers are expected to teach these new science standards, there are few resources that seamlessly integrate those standards into classroom lessons. i-TreeLessons.com does that in a way that makes i-Tree accessible - and enjoyable - to teachers and their students.

To learn more about the i-Tree Integrated Curriculum Pilot Program, please contact Arielle Conti at treestudy@caseytrees.org or visit the iTreeLessons.com web pages.