Valuing London's Urban Forest

The results of London’s i-Tree Eco project are now available in a comprehensive report which details the significant benefits that trees provide one of the world’s great cities. The study highlights the essential role that green infrastructure plays in providing ecosystem services and making London a vibrant place to live, visit and work. Recognizing the many contributions of the urban forest beyond intrinsic beauty provides baseline information and the foundation to improve planning and management of trees as assets to ensure benefits are received by future generations.

Here are a few of the ecosystem services and values provided by the approximate 8.4 million trees in London's urban forest:

Valuing London

  • 2.4 million tonnes of carbon stored valued at £146.9 million
  • 77,000 tonnes of carbon sequestered annually valued at £4.79 million per yr.
  • 2241 tonnes of pollution removed annually valued at £126.1 million per yr.
  • 3.5 million cubic meters of avoided storm water runoff valued at £2.8 million per yr.
  • £260,600.0 per year of energy savings attributed to trees in relation to buildings

The London urban forest assessment was one of the largest scale i-Tree projects completed to date with over 700 plots surveyed throughout inner and outer London. The scope of the project required a collaborative effort by many trained volunteers, professional arborists and foresters. Project planning, management and training were provided by members from Forest Research, Treeconmics, the Forestry Commission, the London Tree Officers Association and other partners.

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