i-Tree Eco Mobile Data Collection (MDC)

Smartphones and other web-enabled mobile devices


The mobile data collection system, available in i-Tree Streets and Eco, is designed to work with newer web-enabled mobile devices. This is not an app or program that is loaded on a smartphone or tablet. The mobile web form system runs on a device's web browser and relies on internet connectivity, web browser functionality and data caching capability.

  • A web browser with HTML-5 compatibility is required (most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are compatible; Internet Explorer 9 and 10 have limitations and are not recommended.
  • Newer iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other devices are typically HTML-5 compatible and have data caching capabilities that allow for data collection to continue if internet connectivity is disrupted.
  • Caution - some devices such as Windows Phone 7 smartphones and older devices are limited and will require continuous connectivity to advance through the online web forms.

You can test your device's data collection and caching capability by using the airplane mode to see how it will function when connectivity is lost.

Mobile data collection example links

The data collection links below were generated from configured i-Tree Streets and Eco v5 projects for demonstration purposes only. Click one of the example links below to open and test tree or plot data entry on a mobile device or desktop browser.



If you open and test multiple links, you may receive a message informing you that the key does not match to let you know that you are changing project configurations. You can submit data but will not be able to retrieve data to populate a project as these are for testing the mobile forms only.

PDA requirements

Older hand held PDAs can still be used with i-Tree Streets and Eco v5 applications. The PDA Utility is not compatible with Eco v6. The PDA utilities run on a .NET Framework and due to device variability, users may occasionally discover inconsistencies running the PDA utility on some devices.

PDA devices with the following base specifications are recommended for optimal performance and compatibility with i-Tree applications:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.5 operating system
  • 240 x 320 screen resolution

Requirements for GPS devices

Collecting GPS coordinates during an i-Tree Streets project is entirely optional. GPS-enabled PDA devices running the Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.5 operating system or compatible devices paired with NMEA Bluetooth or serial GPS devices may be used.

i-Tree Streets users have successfully used the Trimble Juno SB, Trimble Nomad, Pharos Traveler 525 and MWg Zinc II, among others. Functionality of GPS devices can differ, however, and some devices may not operate as well as others. For example, the Pharos m619 GPS does not work properly with Streets and is currently not recommended.

The GPS functionality of your smartphone or tablet can also be used with i-Tree Streets.