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We are fortunate to have partners who utilize i-Tree in their projects. Please reach out to us if you would like to collaborate or even just to share how you've used i-Tree. Please attribute i-Tree in your work - it helps keep i-Tree funded!

i-Tree provides internet hosting services for these tools:

We are unable to provide support for using these tools. Please contact us if the tools themselves are unreachable or time-out during use.

  • Pest Predictor (a NUCFAC grant) A model to predict high impact invasive insects that may come to North America.
  • Harvest Carbon Calculator (formerly known as PRESTO) Note: This tool may not function as desired as it requires additional funding to overhaul and make ready for modern web browsers. Estimations of the amount of carbon stored in harvested wood products

These tools are created by or created with third party organizations:

Please note: we are unable to provide free support for any of these tools.

If you use i-Tree in your work, please credit it so that we can spread the good word and keep the funding flowing!