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Wisconsin high school students put price tags on trees to show how much they are worth to the community
Video and article in WJFW Local News, October 4, 2018

Going Green: Urban Tree Populations Down
Video by Terry Ettinger, including interview with Dr. David Nowak, appearing in Spectrum CNY Local News, September 30, 2018

Planning Resilient Urban Forests with i-Tree Landscape
Article appearing in American Planning Association, July 19, 2018

Los árboles de Madrid captan 673 toneladas de contaminantes al año
In English: Madrid trees capture 673 tons of pollutants per year
Article appearing in El País, 5 May, 2018

We calculated how much money trees save for your city
Article appearing in The Conversation, April 27, 2018

Strategically growing the urban forest will improve our world
Article appearing in Nature Communications, March 21, 2018

To build a healthier city, build a better forest
Article appearing in IUFRO Spotlight #58, March 2018

Improving city forests through assessment, modelling and monitoring
Article appearing in Unasylva 250, Vol. 69, 2018

For Supersized Cities, the More Trees the Better
Article appearing in U.S. News, January 19, 2018

Urban forests make megacities more environmentally sustainable
Article appearing in Elsevier Connect, January 17, 2018

[U.K.] Environment minister aims to grow Petersfield tree survey
Article appearing in Petersfield Post, January 17, 2018

David Hall: [New Zealand] Government's billion trees should include natives
Article appearing in New Zealand Herald, January 10, 2018


Trees provide ecosystem services worth $500 million to the world’s megacities
Article appearing in Mongabay, Sept 7, 2017

Katherine J. Willis and Gillian Petrokofsky, The Natural Capital of City Trees, Science, vol. 356, issue 6336, pp. 374-376, April 27, 2017 (Download PDF)

How much do trees help clean city air?
Video with Dr. David Nowak appearing in BBC's CrowdScience, Mar 3, 2017

Expert Q&A: David Nowak, U.S. Forest Service, Leaf Litter Newsletter, Spring Equinox 2017, Volume XV, Edition 1


Benefits of Aberdeen's street trees demonstrated by student's survey
Article appearing in The Baltimore Sun, Oct 24, 2016

The importance of urban forests: why money really does grow on trees
Article appearing in The Guardian, Oct 12, 2016

Cities turn a new leaf to count the ROI of trees
Article appearing in Green Biz, Oct 10, 2016

Every wonder how much a tree is really worth?
Article appearing in Total Landscape Care, Oct 4, 2016

How much is a tree worth?
Article appearing in the Daily Herald, Sept 15, 2016

California's urban trees offer $1 billion in benefits
UPI article by Brook Hays, June 14, 2016

This is How Much an Urban Forest is Worth
Article appearing in Conservation This Week, Mar 15, 2016

Austin's urban forest
Article appearing in Science Codex, Mar 09, 2016

Growing a Daily Dose of Nature for Everyone
USDA Blog post by Jasmine Napier and Alice Ewen, Mar 04, 2016

Tree strategy backed in Wrexham
Horticulture Week article by Gavin McEwan, Mar 04, 2016

Urban Forests, i-Tree, and Promoting Conservation Benefits
US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell discusses urban forest benefits, Feb 22, 2016. USDA audio brief

London i-Tree Results Highlight Value of Urban Trees
An Institute of Chartered Foresters online article, Jan 05, 2016


London is a forest - who knew?
Article by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian, Dec 07, 2015

Trees lift our spirits, shade us, boost the environment - but which ones are right for your garden?
Article by Anna Pavord in the The Independent, Nov 06, 2015

University of Montana students calculate benefits of trees on campus
Article by Dillon Kato appearing in the Missoulian, Oct 17, 2015

Vancouver city project aims to put a value on trees
Article by Jeff Lee appearing in The Vancouver Sun, Sep 08, 2015

Introducing 'treeconomics': how street trees can save our cities
Article by Patrick Barkham in the Guardian, Aug 15, 2015

Praise for study using i-Tree to put value on highway trees
Article by Gavin McEwan appearing in HorticultureWeek, July 30, 2015

UT students survey Crossville's urban forest
Article by Jim Young appearing in the Crossville Chronicle, July 21, 2015

Woodland Trust cites i-Tree study in call to raise Wales' urban tree canopy
Article by Gavin McEwan in HorticultureWeek, July 7, 2015

Wild Basin worth millions in eco value, researchers say
Article by Katie Urbaszewski appearing in the Statesman, June 24, 2015

Receive a Free Tree from Omaha Public Power District
Article appearing on WOWT News, Apr 14, 2015

‘Ambitious Plans’ To Increase Wrexham’s Tree Coverage By 20%
Article appearing on, Apr 06, 2015

i-Tree Eco: Modelling the Lungs of Our Cities- Part2
Article by Keith Sacre appearing in, April, 2015

i-Tree Eco: Modelling the Lungs of Our Cities- Part1
Article by Kenton Rogers appearing in, Mar, 2015

Delmarva Power to provide 1,500 free trees
Article in the, Mar 15, 2015

Trees provide surprising economic value
Article by Carl Hnatyshyn in, online, Jan 21, 2015

Barrell on ... Trees: more trouble than they're worth?
Article by Jeremy Barrell appearing in Horticulture Week, online, Jan 09, 2015


App offers wealth of information on urban forests
Article appearing in Poughkeepsie Journal, online, Dec 27, 2014

BGE Provides 360 Energy Saving Trees to Baltimore City to Promote Energy Efficiency
Article appearing in, online, Dec 15, 2014

A Case Study in using i-Tree at a City Scale: City of Minneapolis, MN Tree Resource Analysis
Article by Nathalie Shanstrom appearing in, Green Infrastructure For Your Community, online, Dec 08, 2014

Concrete city tag shock
Article by Jessica Nico appearing in Freemantle Gazette, InMyCommunity, online, Nov 25, 2014

Mayor backs largest ever survey of London's trees & woodlands
Greater London Authority Mayor's press release, online, October 3, 2014

Keep Covington Beautiful tree plan gets a grant from state Agriculture Department
Article appearing in, The Times Picayune, online, August 27, 2014

i-Tree: Analyze Structure, Function, and Value of Community Forests
Article by Nathalie Shanstrom appearing in, Green Infrastructure For Your Community, online, August 27, 2014

Trees are Heroes: They Save Hundreds of Lives a Year
Article by Ben Schiller appearing in Co.Exist, online, August 01, 2014

Northampton residents to conduct public shade tree inventory
Article by Mary Serreze appearing in , August 05, 2014

First national study finds trees saving lives, reducing respiratory problems: Air pollution modeling reveals broad-scale impacts of pollution removal by trees
US Forest Service NRS News Release , July 25, 2014

City of Reno Counting Trees
Video and article appearing on KOLO8 news now, July 23, 2014

Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission study determines the cost of trees
Article appearing in True Jersey, July 22, 2014

New 202020 Vision report asks 'Where are all the trees?'
Article appearing in Architecture and Design, online, July 21, 2014

Sydney and Melbourne have least tree cover of biggest Australian cities
Article by Oliver Milman appearing in The Guardian, online, July 17, 2014

Plano participates in i-Tree Eco Study
Article by Brittany Feagans appearing in the Plano Star Courier, online, June 15, 2014

Trees help improve environment
Article by Liz Pilcher appearing in Wicked Local Arlington, online, July 3, 2014

Emerald ash borer found in St. Charles County
Article appearing in the Wayne County Journal-Banner, online, June 11, 2014

Tree Town OKs Urban Forestry Plan
Article appearing in the Ann Arbor Chronicle, online, June 3, 2014

Kutztown students scour Pottsville to inventory trees
Article by Stephen J. Pytak appearing in the Republican Herald, online, June 3, 2014

City green team taps volunteers for tree canopy project
Article by Sylvia Carignan appearing in The Fredrick News-Post, online, June 3, 2014

Money Growing on Trees
Article by Emily Laber-Warren appearing in Newsweek, online, May 1, 2014

Trees Add Financial Value to WIU Campus
Article by Frannie Smith appearing in TriStates Public Radio, online, April 24, 2014

This Earth Day, you can order a free tree from Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power
Article appearing on CBS5 News Channel KGWN, online, April 22, 2014

Environmental Journal: Putting a value on Providence's 415,000 trees
Article by Richard Salit appearing in the Providence Journal, online, April 12, 2014

Tags quantify trees' dollar value
Article appearing in the Liberty Tribune, online, April 11, 2014

i-Tree can flag up problems in urban tree population, event hears
Article appearing in HorticultureWeek, online, April 10, 2014

Life in the Urban Forest - Part1: An Urban Forestry Primer
Article by Michelle Sutton appearing in Chronomgram - House & Home Section, online, April 01, 2014

New Cottage Grove program puts price on city's ash trees
Article appearing in the StarTribune east metro briefs, March 29, 2014

Delmarva Power providing 2,000 free trees to customers
Article appearing in, March 21, 2014

i-Tree Helps Cities Value Trees
Article by Kara Holsopple in The Allegheny Front, online, January 24, 2014

Street Trees: More than Meets the Eye
Article by Marguerite Huber in EPA Blog, online, January 17, 2014

Baton Rouge's tree canopy providing environmental benefits
Article by Amy Wold in The Advocate, online, January 16, 2014

Urban Nature: How to Foster Biodiversity in World's Cities
Article by Richard Conniff in Yale Environment360, online, January 06, 2014


If a tree falls in the city, does it affect home values?
Article by Thomas Korosec featured in the Dallas News, online, November 13, 2013

Volunteers conducting tree survey in Providence
Article featured in the Providence Journal, online, October 08, 2013

Evaluating the use of i-Tree Eco in the Southeastern US
Article featured in the Florida Arborist, Fall 2013

Urban trees value to Wrexham measured
Article featured in the BBC News North East Wales, online, August 27, 2013

Weighing up the worth of Wrexham's trees
Article featured in NewsWales, online, August 28, 2013

Promoting the benefits of planting tree in cities
Article featured in The Washington Post, online, July 30, 2013

Are My Trees Valuable?
Article by the Alphretta, GA Natural Resource Commission featured in online, July 22, 2013

How much do urban trees help with particle pollution?
Article by Rebecca Williams featured in The Environment Report, Michigan Radio, online, June 25, 2013

Putting a dollar value on that tree in your yard
David Weinberg interview on American Public Media, Marketplace Sustainability , April 26, 2013

Wisconsin DNR completes multi-city canopy and street tree benefit analysis study
Wisconsin DNR News Release , April 10, 2013

Radio Smart Talk: Earth Day -- the benefits of trees, especially in urban areas
WITF Radio interview by Scott LaMar , April 22, 2013

How Much is that Tree? Using i-Tree Design Tool to Calculate the Ecological & Monetary Benefits of Trees
by Mary Van Dyke appearing online on National Environmental Education Week website, April, 2013

Quantifying the Economic Value of Trees to Cities
by Ben Schiller appearing online in Co.Exist, March, 2013

Tree on the Corner May be Worth More Than Your House
by Nate Seltenrich online in Next City, February 18, 2013

Duke is Evergreen as Tree Campus USA - Duke Campus is Recognized for fifth straight year
by Bryan Roth online in Duke Today, February 1, 2013


i-Tree Article appearing in the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee of the State of PA
Environmental Synopsis, Vol 13, No 12. December 2012

Version 5 i-Tree released includes more Canadian content and a smartphone & tablet app!
Ontario Arborist Article, Nov-Dec 2012

i-Tree and Air Pollution in DeSoto County, Mississippi
Urban Forestry South - Leaves of Change, Issue 13. November 2012

US Forest Service Honored for iTree, Announces New Mobile Software
ISA Today Newsletter, October 2012

Tracking Burlington's Urban Forests
WCAX Burlington, VT media feature, October 1, 2012

i-Tree Streets: No Relation to Apple but Relevant to You!
Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. post by Abby Grosslein, September 11, 2012

Green Benefits in Victoria (UK) Business Improvement District
An i-Tree Eco analysis report by Kenton Rodgers, Anne Jaluzot & Christopher Neilan, July, 2012

City of Rio and World Bank Launch Ground-Breaking Program for Low Carbon City Development
World Bank Press Release, Rio De Janeiro, June 18, 2012

DNR Study Shows Green Bay Area Trees Provide $6M Per Year in Benefits
Wisconsin DNR Northeast Region News Release, June 14, 2012

Forest Service Studying Diversity, Size of Delaware's Urban Forest
USFS NRS News Release, May 22, 2012

Surveying Duke's Valuable Trees
by Bryan Roth online in Duke Today, May 10, 2012

Master Gardeners calculating economic impact of city trees
by Tom Stafford online in Springfield News-Sun, April 24, 2012

Torbay Values Trees with i-Tree Eco
Video news feature on WestCountry News, April 2012

Environmental Contribution of Tennessee's Urban Trees: $80 Billion
by James Holloway online in ARS Technica March 2012

Trees Provide Annual Services Worth $6.6 Million in Just Five Communities
Virginia Department of Forestry Press Release, March 2012

i-Tree Article appearing in the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee of the State of PA
Environmental Synopsis, Vol 13, No 2. February 2012


Overseas with i-Tree
by Scott Maco & David Nowak in 2011 ISA Conference Proceedings

What is a Tree Worth?
by Jill Jonnes featured in The Wilson Quarterly (online) Winter 2011.

New Research Proves Just How "Green" Urban Forests Are
by Darcy Poletti Harp featured in National Forest Foundation (online) Feb 22, 2011.

2010 and Earlier

Putting a Value on the Urban Forest
featured in Leaves of Change bulletin - Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service. Issue 8, December 2010.

i-Tree Software Puts a Price Tag on Trees to Save Them
Article by Jaymi Heimbuch appearing online in TreeHugger, December 20, 2010.

i-Tree software puts economic value on trees
Article by Tannaith Cattermole appearing online in Gizmag, December 19, 2010.

An i-Tree for everyone: New software reveals what urban trees do for our cities
Article by Fraser Los appearing online in Canadian Geographic, January/February 2011 issue.

Torbay adopts i-Tree software that puts a value on trees
Article by Chris Baker appearing online in the Ecologist (U.K Publication) Dec 10, 2010.

i-Tree abroad and now at home
Article by Keith Sacre and Kenton Rodgers appearing in U.K Publication essentialARB Nov 2010.

Who said money doesn't grow on trees?
Article by Kenton Rodgers appearing in Tree News journal, Fall 2010.

Rhode Island Tree's Technical Director Addresses Storm Workhop
Press Release appearing in the Providence Business News, Oct 12, 2010.

i-Tree: Werbung fur das Grun in den USA (German article)
Article by Tanja Sachs and Dirk Dujesiefken appearing in TASPO BaumZeitung Magazine, Feb, 2010.

How Green is Your Valley?
PW Editorial by Stephanie Johnston appearing in Public Works Magazine Online, June 2010.

Sustaining America's Urban Trees and Forests: A Forests on the Edge Report
USDA General Technical Report NRS-62, Nowak et al. June, 2010.

Four villages' greenery will benefit from i-Tree program and new plantings
By Sarah Haase appearing in the Watertown Daily Times, Sept 10, 2010.

Calculating the Green in Green: What's an Urban Tree Worth?
Pacific Northwest Research Station Science Findings, Issue 126, Sept, 2010

Students brave bogs and bugs for tree inventory
by Henry Bailey appearing on The Commercial Appeal news site, June 19th, 2010.

UK i-Tree Eco Pilot: A high profile computer program that quantifies the ecological benefits provided by trees is to be trialled in the UK this summer
by Kenton Rodgers appearing in the Arboricultural Association's Newsletter, June, 2010.

Digging into i-Tree - Discussion of the use of i-Tree outside the U.S.
by Scott Maco appearing in the SMA's City Trees, May - June, 2010.

Chicago UFORE/i-Tree Eco Project
by Cherie LeBlanc Fisher and David Nowak appearing in Illinois Trees, courtesy of the Illinois Arborist Association, Spring 2010.

Digging into i-Tree - introducing i-Tree Vue canopy assessment tool
by Scott Maco appearing in the SMA's City Trees, Jan - Feb, 2010.

Horticulture Week interview with NYC Dir. of Landscaping Matt Wells
Magda Ibrahim's interview with Matthew Wells October 2009.
Interview audio provided courtesy of Horticulture Week and music by The Leisure Society.

i-Tree: Measuring the Urban Forest
Article appearing in FLC NewsLink, The Newsletter of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer in March 2009.

NFL Favors Proven Strategies for Super Bowl
by Alexis Muellner appearing in the Sports Business Journal on Nov 10, 2008.

Don't Sell the Value of Your Trees Short
by ISA Executive Director, Jim Skiera appearing in The Arborist News, June 2008.

Pest Inventory Software Could Stop 'Terrorist' Invasions
by Don Dale appearing in Tree Care Industry Magazine, April 2008.

Maybe Only God Can Make a Tree, but Only People Can Put a Price on It
by David K. Randall appearing in the New York Times on April 18, 2007.

Oakville's Urban Forest: Our Solution to Our Pollution
by John McNeil appearing in the SMA's City Trees, Mar-April 2007.

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