Which Tool Should I Use?

May 12, 2020

For forests and many trees:

  • i-Tree Eco (desktop app) Flagship tool that quantifies the structure of, threats to, benefits, and values provided by forest populations globally.
  • i-Tree Projects (web app) An online platform for sharing results and data from i-Tree Eco assessments. Currently in beta - additional projects coming soon!
  • i-Tree Landscape (web app) Rapidly assess human and forest population information; threats to help prioritize areas for tree planting; protection.
  • i-Tree County (web app) Quickly learn the numerous benefits that trees provide within your county.
  • i-Tree Canopy (web app) Easily estimate tree canopy and benefits using aerial photographs. see Canopy report example

For individual and small amounts of trees:

  • i-Tree Design (web app) Parcel level analysis of current and future tree benefits.
  • i-Tree MyTree (web app) Easily assess the value of one to several trees in a mobile web browser.

For effects on stream flow & water quality:

  • i-Tree Hydro (desktop app) Quantify the effects of tree canopy and impervious cover on water quantity and quality.

For recommendations on what species to plant:

  • i-Tree Species (web app) Determine the best species that meet your desired benefits.

For benefits of new tree planting projects:

  • i-Tree Planting (web app) Estimate the long-term environmental benefits from a tree planting project.

For carbon stored in harvested wood products:

  • i-Tree Harvest (web app) Estimate the amount of carbon stored in harvested wood products.

For i-Tree glossary and terms:

  • i-Tree Glossary (web app) Learn definitions of terms and acronyms used in i-Tree tools and related topics.

For using i-Tree in unsupported study locations:

  • International Overview (web app) A starting point for users outside of the United States, with information on how to make i-Tree Tools work in specific locations or even entire countries.
  • i-Tree Database (web app) View and comment on the tree species and location data used by i-Tree Tools (primarily Eco) and add new species, location, precipitation, and pollution data if needed.

For advanced ecosystem service assessments:

  • i-Tree Research Suite (various platforms) A suite of cutting-edge ecosystem service models, available with no technical support and intended for advanced users. Results from these tools are built into user-friendly i-Tree Tools over time. While no technical support is available, Research Suite tools are peer-reviewed and come with code, sample input & output, and technical documentation.