Which Tool Should I Use?

Tools for assessing individual trees

For individual and small amounts of trees:

  • i-Tree MyTree (web app) Easily assess the value of one to several trees in a mobile web browser.
  • i-Tree Design (web app) Parcel level analysis of current and future tree benefits.

For forests and many trees:

  • i-Tree Eco (desktop app) Flagship tool that quantifies the structure of, threats to, benefits, and values provided by forest populations globally.

Tree canopy area assessment tools

Existing information on tree canopy and land cover

  • i-Tree Landscape (web app) Rapidly assess human and forest population information; threats to help prioritize areas for tree planting; protection.
  • i-Tree County (web app) Quickly learn the numerous benefits that trees provide within your county.

Create new data about tree canopy and land cover

Specific-Use tools:

For recommendations on what species to plant:

  • i-Tree Species (web app) Determine the best species that meet your desired benefits.

To forecast tree benefits of new, mass tree planting projects:

  • i-Tree Planting (web app) Estimate the long-term environmental benefits from a tree planting project.

For carbon stored in harvested wood products:

  • i-Tree Harvest (web app) Estimate the amount of carbon stored in harvested wood products.

A glossary of terms:

  • i-Tree Glossary (web app) Learn definitions of terms and acronyms used in i-Tree tools and related topics.

For advanced ecosystem service assessments:

  • i-Tree Hydro (Windows app) Quantify the effects of tree canopy and impervious cover on stream flow and water quality.
  • i-Tree Research Suite (command-line, Windows tools) A suite of cutting-edge ecosystem service models, available with no technical support and intended for advanced users. Results from these tools are built into user-friendly i-Tree Tools over time. While no technical support is available, Research Suite tools are peer-reviewed and come with code, sample input & output, and technical documentation.

For using i-Tree in unsupported study locations:

  • International Overview (info page) A starting point for users outside of the United States, with information on how to make i-Tree Tools work in specific locations or even entire countries.
  • i-Tree Database (web app) View and comment on the tree species and location data used by i-Tree Tools (primarily Eco) and add new species, location, precipitation, and pollution data if needed.