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What countries can i-Tree Tools be used in?

i-Tree Eco is adapted for use in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea, Colombia, Japan, New Zealand and most of Europe. Some individual global city locations are also available and can be reviewed here: Viable Locations.

MyTree has been expanded to work anywhere that trees grow. In locations where i-Tree Eco is fully adapted MyTree will present more localized results and valuations. For all other locations MyTree estimates will be based on US national averages, reflecting your selected tree's characteristics.

i-Tree Canopy is an online tool available for international users and has been used successfully by users outside the States interested in estimating canopy cover and other land cover types.

i-Tree Database is is a web portal used to submit data needed for cities to be integrated into i-Tree - explained in more detail below.

i-Tree Research Suite is a suite of environmental models operated through the command line interface. The Research Suite can simulate any location with the appropriate inputs and calibration.

Projects in countries that i-Tree Tools have been adapted for can be processed automatically through i-Tree software without delay.

Countries other than the United States and countries listed above may require additional steps for project processing. For more information, please see Forum FAQ: Which i-Tree Tools can be used internationally?

Overview of International i-Tree Usage


Due to growing demand, we developed i-Tree Database, which allows users to submit location, precipitation, pollution, and species data for their project area that will then be validated and included in the databases underlying the i-Tree Eco software, enabling that project area to run in that application in future software updates. In the past, international projects required extensive time and resources to be manually processed by Forest Service staff. The new system automates the validation processes and makes i-Tree Eco available to more global users. For more information, please see the key points about i-Tree Database and important links below.

Key Points about i-Tree Database

  1. i-Tree Eco and Hydro projects were processed manually by the US Forest Service as a courtesy in the past, but that is no longer possible due to increases in demand.
  2. i-Tree Database enables international users to enter data necessary for running an i-Tree Eco project in a given area. Necessary data should be entered into i-Tree Database as early as possible for users setting up projects in international areas which can't already be processed automatically.
  3. The US Forest Service will validate data submitted through i-Tree Database and will load valid data into the databases underlying the i-Tree Eco software, to be updated for users with the following i-Tree software update. Invalid data will be returned to sender for correction.
  4. Once data for a project area has been validated and loaded into the i-Tree Eco software, users can run i-Tree Eco projects in that area without delays. The Viable Locations page will be updated indicating what areas are entered into i-Tree and are ready for project processing.
  5. The process can take up to 6 months for a new location, precipitation, and pollution data to be integrated and available in Eco.

Important Links

  • International i-Tree Tools forum FAQ is a good starting point for international users as it provides an overview of which i-Tree Tools can be used internationally and what additional requirements or limitations are involved.
  • i-Tree Database is a system that will validate and accept international pollution data, hourly precipitation data, location details, new species information, and other model requirements. Data submitted through this system will be vetted and integrated into the Eco model - and potentially other i-Tree Tools - as a new international location that would be available for automated processing in a future Eco update.
  • i-Tree Database learning videos demonstrate the processes to create new city locations, add precipitation and pollution data, and submit new tree species.
  • i-Tree Eco International -This is the main page for i-Tree Eco users outside of the United States. More detailed pages about specific aspects of international use of i-Tree Eco can be found here.
  • Forum FAQ: i-Tree Hydro Data Requirements & International Limitations - This post summarizes the data requirements for i-Tree Hydro while highlighting differences in project setup for international users of this tool. Within this post, links are provided for more details about specific parts of project setup (for example, preparing weather data inputs for projects outside of the United States).
  • International i-Tree Tools summary - a one-page international tools summary describing i-Tree international basic options.

Can i-Tree Tools be fully adapted for use in an entire country?

Yes, we have the capacity to adapt i-Tree Tools for use in an entire country, but there is a cost associated with that. If you are interested in expanding i-Tree Tools to work automatically in a country, please let us know by emailing info@itreetools.org. Also, i-Tree Database can be used to run i-Tree Eco for any area across the world, but requires users to submit local environmental data so that i-Tree Eco can run for that area.

i-Tree Content from Around the World

Translations of existing i-Tree materials and new materials in various languages have been provided by i-Tree Users to make i-Tree Tools more accessible around the world. We are unable to check the accuracy of materials not in English or not produced by the i-Tree Team, and we provide these documents for your convenience as is.

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