Support Overview

There are several options for seeking help with general or technical i-Tree questions including numerous resources available on the i-Tree website including:

Individuals interested in using i-Tree applications for research projects should visit the Methods Documentation, Technical Papers, and Model Notes section of the website and refer to documents describing the methods of the individual tools.

Reporting Technical Problems

If you are having a problem with an i-Tree application, please provide the following information if possible when submitting your inquiry to our team for assistance:

  • i-Tree application and version that you are working with such as i-Tree Eco v6.0.21.
  • Computer and system information such as Windows 7 - 64 bit operating system
  • A description of the problem encountered and relevant steps leading up to the issue
  • Screen captures (Ctrl + Print screen) and error message details are helpful if available
  • We may ask you to send us a copy of your project for additional testing if needed

International Technical Support

The expansion of i-Tree application use internationally has increased technical assistance requests from users abroad. Our ability to assist and resolve international technical support questions may be limited because of languages differences, system security differences preventing application function and challenges of adapting tools for international use or research purposes. As such, we may only be able to provide limited technical support and suggest additional resources.

Feedback Page

The i-Tree Feedback Page is a quick webform that can be used to provide feedback on specific applications, report bugs or share success stories about your projects.

User Forum

The i-Tree User Forum is a moderated discussion forum whose purpose is to allow users to solicit advice, get technical questions answered, communicate experiences and view frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can view the User Forum topics without registering, but posting to the Forum requires registration, which is separate from website and bug tracker system registration.

New Forum registrations require administrator authentication before posting capabilities are enabled to limit spam and robot posts. If your Forum account is not activated, you can still access and read Forum content and submit i-Tree related questions by email at

Forum FAQs

The i-Tree Forum FAQs, within the User Forums, are the best starting point for answers to common questions and problems related to i-Tree applications. You can also use the Forum Search Query to find posts on a topic by entering a key term. Forum registration is not required for simple information searches.


Our goal is to provide you with an official response to any i-Tree question within two business days. If you would like to ask us a question via email, send a message to: i-Tree support is typically available during weekdays and business hours in the States.

Virtual Office Hours

The Support team is hosting monthly office hours at 2 pm Eastern US time on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

  • These are one-hour, virtual meetings with i-Tree team members.
  • There is no agenda other than answering YOUR questions and discussing YOUR i-Tree work.

Download and click this file to add the whole series to your calendar.

Phone call request

Please email us at or use the feedback form to request a call back from an i-Tree Team member Monday - Friday during business hours as our schedule permits.

Mailing Address

1500 N. Mantua St.
Kent, OH 44240