i-Tree Eco

Future International Eco Development

Expanding the i-Tree Eco model for automated international processing takes a number of years and requires significant time, resources and funding on the part of the partnering country, local organizations and the i-Tree Development Team.

Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of localizing the i-Tree Eco model to their country or region should first contact i-Tree Support by email info@itreetools.org. We will connect interested parties with i-Tree Team leadership to discuss additional development and integration requirements before proceeding. For most international users hoping to setup i-Tree in a specific location and not nation-wide, i-Tree Database is a more appropriate option.

How have other countries adapted Eco?

In 2011, UK collaborators completed the first UK pilot i-Tree Eco project and report for Torbay, England after participating in training and considerable project planning. The Torbay pilot project provided a local example of applying i-Tree in England to demonstrate the model's value and generate interest and gain support. Additional UK Eco projects were completed over the following years while building partnerships and gaining support from government agencies, local organizations and industry groups.

A collaborative partnership was later formed between the i-Tree Team and the UK collaborators to advance the UK adaptation of the Eco model. Collaborators helped gather necessary data and assisted i-Tree Developers in the Eco model adaptation process. After several years of work, i-Tree Eco version 6 is now fully automated for users in the United Kingdom and works similarly as it does for users in the U.S, Australia and Canada.

Resources for adapting Eco abroad

The resources and instructions below are provided for individuals or organizations considering the possibility of collaborating on an international localization of the i-Tree Eco model. This material is for reference only and should not be undertaken until an agreement with the i-Tree Eco Development Team is in place.

i-Tree Eco International Input Manual (.pdf) - A manual providing instructions for populating the international Input Form used only for Eco model development abroad.

i-Tree Eco International Input Form (.xlsx) - A spreadsheet used in conjunction with the Eco International Input Manual for data needed to make the Eco model more applicable outside the U.S.

i-Tree Eco International Input form data field requirements (.pdf) - This document describes optional and required data fields in the Eco International Input form.

i-Tree Eco International Input Supplemental Ozone Selection Document (.pdf) - This document is referenced in step 33 (Figures.doc) of the Eco International Input Manual for users interested in improving Eco model function in their country.

International Pollutant Value Instruction Document (.pdf) - This document provides instructions for filling out the Pollutant Value Input form.

International Pollutant Value Form (.xlsx) - This form is used to provide international monetary pollutant values. Refer to the pollutant value instruction form for details on filling out the spreadsheet form

Visit the Resources-Archives section of the website for additional Eco resources