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i-Tree Suite General

i-Tree Eco

i-Tree Database

i-Tree Database provides a central submission site for new location-specific data coming into i-Tree from around the world. Submitted data will be vetted and officially added to i-Tree Eco and potentially other tools in the future. Users in these new locations will be able to update their software and run an analysis with new locations and species without requiring manual processing by the US Forest Service. Below are some files that are used in the data submission process with i-Tree Database.Refer to the i-Tree Database Help section for guidance on how to use these resources.

i-Tree Canopy

i-Tree Design

  • iTree Design Methods - An updated summary describing methods and processes used in the i-Tree Design v6 application. Updated September 2014.
  • Design Application Notes - A summary of the i-Tree Design application "About" notes describing the model. Similar information can be accessed directly from the Design application.

i-Tree Landscape

i-Tree Hydro

Please be advised that development has stopped for this tool, as we focus on its underlying model as part of Hydro+ in the i-Tree Research Suite. The following Hydro resources still apply to certain aspects of Hydro+ and to the last release of the Hydro Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is available in the i-Tree installer.

i-Tree Pest Detection

i-Tree Species Resources

  • i-Tree Species Methods - A detailed document describing the methodology of the i-Tree Species selector utility.

Legacy Tool Resources

i-Tree Streets & STRATUM

Documents for STRATUM also pertain to i-Tree Streets as Streets is an adaptation of the original Street Tree Resource Assessment Tool for Urban Forest Managers (STRATUM) application.

i-Tree Vue

i-Tree Storm SDAP (Storm Damage Assessment Protocol)

MCTI (Mobile Community Tree Inventory)