International Reports (by nation)

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Georgia (Sakartvelo)


Germany (Deutschland)

Hungary (Magyarország)

Italy (Italia)


Netherlands (Nederland)

Norway (Norge)


  • Graça, M.S., J.F. Goncalves, P.J. Alves, D.J. Nowak, R. Hoehn, A. Ellis, P. Farinha-Marques, M. Cunha. 2017. Assessing mismatches in ecosystem services proficiency across the urban fabric of Porto (Portugal): the influence of structural and socioeconomic variables. Ecosystem Services. 23: 82-93
  • Graça, M., P. Alves, J. Gonçalves, D.J. Nowak, R. Hoehn, P. Farinha-Marques, M. Cunha. 2017. Assessing how green space types affect ecosystem services delivery in Porto, Portugal. Landscape and Urban Planning 170: 195–208.

Sweden (Sverige)

  • i-Tree Sweden - i-Tree project in Sweden covering 9 cities and 3 building companies. Report is written is Swedish with an English summary.