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i-Tree Eco documentation in Japanese

グリーンビジネス・マネジメント研究会 講演会 [都市緑化による生態系サービスとその貨幣価値の推定] - 平成28年12月14日(水)
Green Business Management Working Group Webinar and Demonstrations of i-Tree Tools in Japanese - Dec 14th, 2016

(⼀社)街路樹診断協会 アーバンフォレストWEBセミナー第2回 [⽶国のアーバンフォレスト戦略とi-Treeについて] – 令和3年7月3日 (土)
Urban Tree Diagnosis Association, Japan(UTDA)Urban Forest Webinar: i-Tree and Urban Forest Strategy of the United States - July 3rd, 2021

Acknowledgments and Footnotes

1 Spanish translation of the Eco manual was financed by USAID Colombia and coordinated by the International Programs Office of the US Forest Service.

Special Thanks for translation help:

2 Documents created and shared by Horacio De la Concha of AGRINET México.

3 Chinese simplified and traditional translation provided by the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.

4 Korean overview of i-Tree provided by Hang Ryeol Na in April, 2011.

5 Japanese green business management working group webinar and demonstration of i-Tree Tools provided by Satoshi Hirabayashi of the Davey Institute.

6 Spanish translation of Eco manuals and guides was supported by the International Programs Office of the US Forest Service.

7 Translations provided by the Limited English Proficiency Program of the USDA Forest Service.

8 Created by Dorien Nooitgedagt and Tom Verstraten with idverde Bomendienst B.V.

9 Created and/or shared by Naomi Zurcher, Arbor Aegis