i-Tree Utilities

i-Tree Management Utilities

In addition to the i-Tree urban forest assessment applications, i-Tree brings together several complimentary urban forestry management utilities based on U.S. Forest Service research and development. Some of these tools were originally designed to facilitate and support inventory data collection and management needed for i-Tree Eco and i-Tree Streets projects such as the PDA utilities which are now integrated into the applications which they are associated with.

More recent i-Tree Utilities developed by the Forest Service and their Cooperators provide analyses that go beyond the reporting features offered in i-Tree Streets & i-Tree Eco and offer users convenient tools which can compliment urban forest management planning and decision making. Click on the "Learn More" links to explore the features of the i-Tree Utilities.

i-Tree Pest Detection Module

The Pest Detection Module is a portable, accessible and standardized protocol for observing a tree for possible insect or disease problems.
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i-Tree Storm

i-Tree Storm - Storm Damage Assessment Protocol - Provides a standardized method to assess widespread storm damage in a simple, credible, and efficient manner immediately after a severe storm.
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i-Tree Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection - i-Tree provides two options for mobile data collection including a new web-based system for smartphones and other web-enabled devices and the PDA Utility which is compatible with some older hand held devices. The mobile data collection system, available in i-Tree Streets & Eco, is not an app or program that is loaded on a smartphone or tablet. The mobile web form system runs on a device's web browser and relies on internet connectivity, web browser functionality and data caching capability.
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Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI)

Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI) - A legacy utility which is a basic tree inventory application that allows communities to conduct tree inventories and analyses at various levels of detail and effort. MCTI functionality has been merged with the former STRATUM model and has been integrated in i-Tree Streets. This information is provided for users who are still using previous versions of the stand alone MCTI utility.
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